Echo Battery Boot

Thanks to Our Initial Customers

While we're getting closer to shipping our first products, the Echo Battery Boot team thought we'd send a heartfelt thanks to all of you that have ordered your Battery Boot. We are extremely excited by the speed of production and will do everything in our power to keep us on target to ship as promised.

The Battery Boot fits really well on the Echo. Once you put it on, you'll never have to remove it. You can plug in the charger to the battery. It will power your Amazon Echo and charge the Battery Boot in the process.

We've received a lot of great questions via email and on social. Please keep them coming. We're constantly working on the website and use your suggestions for new content updates. We've got a new video for the Battery Boot for Amazon Echo in the works. We think it will help everyone understand how great the Battery Boot works.

Hope everyone is excited for the big game this weekend. The new ads for Echo are great. We're kind of fond of #BaldwinBowl and are looking forward to all the ads during the big game.

As we move forward, we'll continue to update you on our progress. Also, to make this communication as useful for you as possible, we'd like to start sharing tips, tricks and add-ons for the Amazon Echo. Please share your favorites on our Facebook page and we'll share in future posts.


The Battery Boot Team